Thursday, October 4, 2007


Pavarotti's singing will always live on.

I have always had fond memories of Luciano Pavarotti. The closest I ever came to meeting him, was when I believe he was at a Chinese restaurant at North Bay Village near Miami Beach. I could be wrong, but there was a entourage, and there were not too many people with the Maestro's looks and presence. I was a little shy to introduce myself.

On day during the late 80's I was visiting Edith Epstein ( Swami Naranda ), and brought her a cassette with his opera.

I played it on her tape deck and I could not believe how ecstatic and happy it made her to listen to Pavarotti's singing.

Definitely a peak experience.

The poem begins....

Beloved Maestro Pavarotti, had I met you I would have told you this

Your voice was the purest nectar and most divine of bliss

Vesti la Giubba on cassette we would love to play

Resounding down the corridor at the end of our workday

Away from our bodies along your melody, yes away our stress would float

Like a fine wine, an acquired taste for your arias may I note

There's something I had always wanted to tell you, ever too late I fear

But even in the heavenly realms, this might be soothing to your heart and ear

But now from the poetic heart, how can we say that we truly know

The mysterious mechanisms from which these vibrations flow

Oh once I started I had nothing to loose

Your joyous memories have in standing ovation floated my muse

On the way to Luca in 2001, a train rides throw to Modena I suppose

Fantasy took flight, G-d only knows

I wanted to share how a fan of yours dearly loved you, she left her life behind in 1994

When she heard your voice, even at 83 she craved to hear more

Her eyes glowed, her face radiated with vigor and vim

She would always say, what a wonderful voice, I really love him

It didn't require a live performance, just an audio tape

How your voice could reach her heart , such a lovely escape

This lovely old lady, felt like a young girl again, when she was your devoted fan

She has waited over a decade, perhaps now you'll both meet in Gan Eden

Perhaps the Lord grew impatient despite your girth and Golden age

Along with his angels, He must have wanted your command performance on his heavenly stage

Heavenly angels no longer have to hover and listen from far away and above

Now they can hear directly the maestro they dearly love

Since you’re up there, in case you always wanted to sing Hava Nagila or By Mir Bist Du Shane

You shouldn’t have any problem or need to explain

I forgot, oh my gosh

You can feel right at home now, feel free to help yourself to some strudel, luction kugel, a knish, a corned beef sandwich, kishke, gefilte fish, latkes or your favorite nosh.

Perhaps the power of this transcendent rhyme

Can reach out to your soul through space and time

But lest we forget

There’s always the matter of bandwidth and wi-fi access to the Internet

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